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Various programs including movie, animation sports are yoridorimidori

Recommended program

  • Movie, drama
  • Sports
  • Animation
  • Music

Channel specialized in popularity of each genre 3,800 yen / month (tax-excluded)

Recommendation plan
Application is this
Application is this
Application is this
Net, telephone are more advantageous with set, too! Recommendation plan
  • If it is advantageous and enjoys various genres!
    Application is this
    If it is advantageous and chooses among favorite genre!
    Application is this
  • If it is advantageous and enjoys various genres!
    Application is this
There is other advantageous puranyoridorimidori.

※In "1G two years promise course," there is continuation period of use of two years. When it is canceled course change or contract within period, we charge cancellation charges 5,900 yen.
※About discount that contracted TV, telephone, there is continuation period of use of 2 years. When we change course within period or we are canceled, we charge cancellation charges 5,000 yen.
After period, cancellation charges are not caused.
※We charge 500 yen as change fee on menu change of Internet service.
※In the case of contract contents change, exchange of apparatus may be necessary. In that case, thank you for your understanding beforehand because expense about exchange may incur separately.
※At the time of the service cancellation of a contract, cancellation of a contract fee 3,000 yen is caused.
※Discount including TV service is applied only to the set top box first unit.
※Apparatus rental, provider charges are included in the mention amount of money mentioned above.
※TV license fee of NHK, satellite broadcasting license fee and seeing and hearing charges of WOWOW Inc. are not included in use of monthly basis charges of TV service.
※Even if it is service offer area, on account of place and road circumstances, the cable facilities, we may not offer service.
※Internet service is service of best effort type and does not guarantee transmission rate. Transmission speed may decrease by the network situation to share line in plural members.
※We may have time from application to opening.
※Mention amount of money is all the price exclusive of tax. Consumption tax is added at the time of request separately.
※Please inquire for other details to star cat.

Rate simulation

In cable plus STB, TV is more fun in cooperation with smartphone tablet, for convenience!

Cable plus TBS
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