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About this site

Please read the following contents on using our website.

Request in the use

About use of Cookie (cookie)

On our website, we issue Cookie (cookie) through Web browser (browser) of user.
This performs for the purpose of improvement (change of font size) of access statistical analysis and accessibility of our website, and information that can identify individual of user is not included at all.

About verboten

On the use of our website, we prohibit the following acts.

  • Act that might violate act, them which violate property, privacy of third party or star cat.
  • Act that might give disadvantage or act, them which damage to third party or star cat.
  • Act against public order and morals or act with the fear.
  • Act to be tied to criminal act or criminal act, act with the fear.
  • Act to register e-mail address of another person, and to perform false report, report.
  • Act to damage honor, trust of third party or star cat.
  • It is use or act to offer, act with the fear by harmful programs such as computer viruses.
  • In addition, act to violate laws and ordinances, the regulations, act with the fear.
  • In addition, act to judge that star cat is inappropriate reasonably.

Link policy

Link to star cat

  • Link to our website is free to do principle regardless of profit, non-profit. In addition, prior subsequent notification is unnecessary, too.
  • Please note that you change URL except top page without notice and may delete.
  • Link in form that information of our website and information of other websites are mixed, and is displayed should be prohibition by linking by methods such as links in frame.
  • About other websites linking to our website, please note that star cat does not take all responsibility.

Link from star cat

Link to website of third party is included in our website.
As there is not website of third party under the management of star cat, we do not take responsibility of all for contents which are on the website of third party, link included in them. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

About copyright, trademark

The second use such as reproduction, conversion, sale should prohibit books such as all information, logos, images in our website without permission of rightful claimant.


The use of our website shall be carried out in responsibility of user.

  • About all damage due to all information of our website and information of website of third party linking to from our website, we do not take all responsibility in star cat.
  • About the damage caused by error of information such as wrong character omitted characters and mistake of user, we assume responsibility range of user, and star cat does not take responsibility for all.