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Discount plan campaign

TV service

Internet service

Cable positive telephone service

Important news


Star cat-adaptive apartment apartment search

Event calendar

The first customer

Before application

Service offer area
Structure of charge
Use of monthly basis charges Construction cost Optional service Simple rate simulation au Smartvalue
Payment method of rate
Guidance of star cat plaza
The star cat head office Kitanagoya Konan Motoyama aratama Showa Nakamura

We choose service plan

Advantageous plan ranking
TV service
List of plans About recording function set top box with Channel comparison available for the seeing and hearing according to plan Optional channel About NHK group collective payment
Internet service
List of Internet service courses Optional service table Other services
Cable positive telephone service
Features of cable positive call Discount with charge, au Optional service List of available call, connection right or wrong Function not to be available
milplus (plus to see)
Earthquake Early Warning service
Living reliable support

New application

Flow after application

To customer who is examining introduction to new single-family house

Partner company-like list

Customer who is joining

Service support

TV service support
About optional channel About the use of set top box Online help About maintenance of facility, apparatus
Internet service support
Internet setting manual Various document request Optional service manual Support service Security information
Cable positive telephone service support
If we think this to be whether it breaks down About service state confirmation with apparatus in house

Various procedures

Various procedures of TV service plan
Addition of TV service plan Change of TV service plan
Various procedures of Internet service
About modem exchange
Various procedures of cable positive telephone service
About moving
Flows (moving) from application to construction
About change of payment method and account, name change
About service stop
About the service cancellation of a contract
We are going to move Change to other companies service We are dissatisfied with rate Setting, operation is difficult We do not use service Precaution at the time of the cancellation of a contract
Reception desk end plan
TV service reception desk end plan Internet service reception desk end course


Internet self-page
Telephone self-page
TV program
Web email service
Rate details Web inquiry

Toward the examination average looking for the new home

Advantageous plan ranking

Customer of corporation

Internet service for corporations

Hosting service
Original domain

Introduction to apartment complex

Advertisement development in star cat

Cat channel

Movie theater information

Trouble/Maintenance Information

TV service maintenance information

Internet service maintenance information

Cable plus telephone service maintenance information

TV service obstacle information

Internet service disorder information

Cable plus telephone service obstacle information

Customer support



The congestion situation of telephone window

Document request

Company information

News Release

Company Overview

President greetings

Ayumi of company

Business outline

Ayumi of service area and opening of an office

Access to star cat

Council for broadcast

Introduction of council for 2018 broadcast committee

Program standard

Job Opportunities

Privacy policy

As for notice of use purpose, disclosure, the correction about request procedures such as suspension

Star cat contract article, Terms of Use

Star cat social media

Social media operation policy