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Let's put net morals private supplementary school - intellect for protector! Let's think! Cyber trouble ... which can prevent at home

Through the Internet, there is not the back no from case that children are involved in crime and trouble.

At first protector understands the risk and the measures to hide behind in the Internet, and it is important to take responsibility as protector so that children use the Internet safely.

Through lecture, we support to practice "we think" as well as "we know".

We are given "use of young people Internet appropriateness promotion business" of Aichi in trust in star cat and hold lecture for protectors.

About lecture

Contents of lecture
  • We deepen understanding about trouble and the risk that children are easy to be rolled up in and publicize the need of filtering.
  • We enlighten about the making of basic precaution when child uses SNS and rule at home to evade trouble that we cannot prevent even if we set filtering.
  • We are based on lecture using PowerPoint and you want and accept and carry out group discussion or workshop.
Opening of a course period
From Monday, July 9, 2018 to Sunday, March 10, 2019
Target person
Adults in a position to watch protector, the staff of a school, other children
※It is lecture for protectors, but child can take lectures with protector.
The number of the student attending a lectures
From around 30 people to a great number of people (more than 100 people), it supports the number of people you like.
Attendance time
We assume degree basics for 1-2 hours per 1 lecture, but you want and accept and cope.
We dispatch lecturer than star cat.
Classroom, hall of school, local public hall.
※Please prepare for venue in application group.
Attendance expense
Free of charge
Holding preferred date may talk about schedules with redundant cases.

Application method

Within two weeks before lecture holding preferred date, apply by any of the following method.

(1) Application from form
Apply from the following application forms.
(2) Application by FAX
You have you download application, and, after filling out necessary matter, please transmit by FAX to following applications.


Star cat cable network

Phone number for exclusive use of lecture
FAX number for exclusive use of lecture
Application reception desk period
From Monday, June 25, 2018 to Sunday, February 24, 2019

The application for lecture situation

The application possibility remainder only X application expiration  osodan