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The handling of personal information

About the handling of personal information

We handle personal information according to JISQ15001 (requirements of management system about personal information), law, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications about protection and personal information protection Committee guidelines on personal information, authorized personal information protection group guideline appropriately.

1. The acquisition and use purpose of personal information

We acquire personal information such as customers, and we use as far as it is necessary for the objective achievement. In the acquisition of personal information, we state the use purpose clearly beforehand and shall have agreement.
Main use purposes of personal information such as customers are as follows.

  • Document sending such as participation guidance, communication to inquiry
  • Contract, construction conduct, maintenance service accompanied with various services, communication for service improvement
  • Rate request and storing duties of product, service
  • Questionnaire conduct about service improvement or new service
  • Reporting about service campaigns by DM, E-mail, visit
  • Various event conduct, communication about prize that had you apply
  • Periodical literature, e-mail magazine, guidance of various membership system services
  • We perform count, analysis of personal information and make machined statistical data not to be able to distinguish authorized individual and carry out development of new service
  • Offer of information that matched taste of customer based on information such as seeing and hearing histories and encouragement
  • Confirmation of operator service improvement, inquiry contents accompanied with phone recording
  • Picture recording of security camera
  • Recruitment of adopters and selection
  • Personnel management of employee

2. Arbitrariness of personal information offer

Offer of personal information assumes option of customer. But services may not be available when you cannot offer necessary personal information.

3. Committee trust of the handling of personal information

When we consign the handling of personal information to outside company, we choose supplier based on our trust management standard and make a contract about information management and supervise necessary and appropriate management.
When we are given the handling of personal information in trust from outside company, we use personal information that I took only for the trustee business accomplishment and manage according to our official regulations fairly.

4. Offer to third party of personal information

We do not offer personal information to third party except the following cases without consent such as customers.

  • (1) When it is based on laws and ordinances
  • (2) When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or property, and it is difficult for to with consent of the person.
  • (3) When it is necessary for promotion of sanitary improvement or healthy upbringing of child in particular, and it is difficult that with consent of the person.
  • (4) When it is necessary to cooperate for person who received engine of country or local public entity or the trust accomplishing office work to establish of laws and ordinances and might affect accomplishment of the office work concerned by obtaining the person's consent.

5. The joint use of personal information

We may use personal information such as customers jointly with community network center (CNCI) and group companies.

<item of personal data to share, and to use>
Full name, address, phone number, contract contents, information that had you approach
<range of person who shares, and uses>
CNCI and group companies
<use purpose of the joint use>
For overall Internet service, discount application accompanied with simultaneous participation with other services.
To offer general service between groups including guidance of event and service to host in group.
<administrator of the personal information concerned>
We and CNCI groups personal information protection manager
<acquisition method>
It depends on acquisition method of the CNCI group companies to use jointly.

6. Safety management measures of personal information

Leak, loss of personal information come, and we build regime for prevention of loss, other safety management and take physical technique-like safety management measures. In addition, we carry out education to employee and carry out continuous review of safety management measures depending on progress of information technology.

7. About the handling of personal information of the field of news, writings

About personal information to deal with for the purpose of the news, the writings, duty rule of the Personal Information Protection Law is exempted, but we handle personal information along purpose appropriately in these excluded fields in us and work for safety management and deal appropriately if there are complaints.

8. As for notice of use purpose of personal information, disclosure, the correction about suspension

We cope without delay unless we correspond below when there are proposals such as suspension for notice of use purpose of personal information about oneself, disclosure, correction from customers.

  • (1) When we might spoil life, body, property or other right benefits of person or third party
  • (2) Is remarkable for appropriate conduct of our duties; when might affect
  • (3) When it will be against laws and ordinances

9. As for notice of complaint, consultation counter and use purpose, disclosure, the correction, it is inquiries such as suspension

Complaint, consultation counter (weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00)

Administration Department
Personal information handling window
Phone number 052-231-2398

As for notice of use purpose, disclosure, the correction windows (weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00) such as suspension

Broadcasting, communications industryThe business headquartersPhone number 052-231-2310
Movie businessPicture DivisionPhone number 052-231-2005
Adoption relationsAdministration DepartmentPhone number 052-231-2398
1-16-7, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi NORE Fushimi Building
Star cat cable network

10. Personal information protection manager

Star cat cable network
Board member Shinji Nojima

11. About authorized personal information protection group

We are object companies of "broadcast Security Center personal information protection center" authorized from personal information protection Committee as "authorized personal information protection group" with rule by the Personal Information Protection Law and "Japan Data Communication Association telecommunications personal information protection promotion center".

In us, they establish "complaint, consultation desk", and inquiry from customer and inquiry direct to the following groups such as cases that we accept complaints, but it is unknown when there are question or dissatisfaction for our correspondence, and solution is needed or whether it is our handling are possible.

Personal information of broadcast service
Broadcast Security Center personal information protection center
URL: https://www.sarc.or.jp/hogo/kaiketu.html
(telephone contact information lists in the URL mentioned above)
Personal information of communication service
Japan Data Communication Association telecommunications personal information protection promotion center
Phone number 03-5907-3803
URL: https://www.dekyo.or.jp/kojinjyoho