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I do not know well only in European language! We explain bun kenaiyokuwakarano carefully now!

The staff asks explanation in star cat to home.
To star cat plaza shop in the one where service wants to be sensed bodily nearby!

★On TV though "there is program to want to see, do not have time to watch..."

Outlook on drama taindawaa Korean as for me

We prepare chest a lot of dramas to beat fast with

But time to watch does not have

All right! We tell method to see with tablet at gap time

★""Giga" of Internet star cat light super-high-speed up to two (giga) bps..."

What is giga ~?

It is the speed of net

We work as me leisurely

Is it not assumed that screen does not exit immediately with ira?

It is yo - intellect ttorugane smoothly

We go to see the present net situation

★On TV "4K broadcast? ?"

What is 4K ~?

Beauty, quick-wittedness are cool......Then there is not
K of kilometer is thing unit of scanning line


As you ask explanation, please show present TV

★"Cable positive call is advantageous!" landline

There is not inconvenience and may just appear

When it is cable plus telephone, it is call charge for free!

Is it true? We will come to see one time

★Bargain smartphone of star cat "want to use smartphone......"

Smartphone is expensive every month

It is 1,400 yen / moon ... how!

Gane - demo I usage yowakaranshi which is cheap than we thought......

Don't worry!
Smartphone classroom is open in star cat plaza, too

※In the case of 1G sound nature of a voice plan

★Electricity, gasusabisukateene for star kyat of Chubu Electric Power with "kateene......?"

Do you have what relation to star cat?

kateene is Web Service of Chubu Electric Power.
When star cat member registers, there is positive privilege, too and becomes advantageous.

How long do you profit?

We prepare inspection of a meter vote of electricity, gas and check by Web simulation!
Or to star cat plaza shop nearby

Recommendation plan << star cat light (in the case of single-family)≫

TV "all drama sports course 58ch" (channel specialized in terrestrial digital +BS+) + Internet "1G two years promise course" + telephone "cable positive call" TV "all drama sports course 58ch" (channel specialized in terrestrial digital +BS+) + Internet "1G two years promise course" + telephone "cable positive call"

We can watch channel of sports, movie, drama of popularity in a good balance.
As it is comfort record (recording function) standard, it is recommended to busy person.
Furthermore, we make cable smartphone and kateene and are advantageous for communication costs and energy bill!

※There are other plans a lot.
※NHK license fee, option channel seeing and hearing charges are not included in the rate mentioned above.
※Internet service is best effort type and does not guarantee constant speed at the time of real use.

Campaign information of June, 2018

One that was applied for during period of from Friday, June 1, 2018 to Saturday, June 30 is for the following campaigns.

TV service new participation privilege

It is participation in max, drama sports regular light either
It is presented Takashimaya Rose selection "Beautiful Days" BYC (lifestyle catalogue gift) by lot by 50 people

※With other TV service campaigns cannot use together.

We transfer for the Internet and campaign

From other companies provider toward the transfer...
1. We pay cashback for up to 15,000 yen
2. Transfer cancelation cost filling from other companies

※10M course is the outside targeted for application.

Bargain smartphone

  • 1. Office work registration fee 3,000 yen is 0 yen
  • 2. We make up for other companies cancellation of a contract charges with gift certificate for 10,000 yen

※Data plan is the outside targeted for application.

Guidance of star cat plaza shop

In the star cat plaza shop, 7 stores of 2 stores in total are open outside Nagoya-shi 5 stores in Nagoya-shi. Please drop in at star cat plaza shop of neighborhood!

※Mention amount of money is all the price exclusive of tax. Consumption tax is added at the time of request separately.
※The staff is image.