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Large chance when we move in Nagoya-shi and suburban municipalities, and planned customer moving reviews communication costs! The Internet to be usable by the shortest construction immediately is monthly basis 3,600 yen

Three major merits +-limited campaign that star cat chooses

  • The super-high-speed Internet that is kind to the family budget
  • It is usable immediately
  • Substantial reliable support
  • Under Web application-limited campaign conduct!

The super-high-speed Internet that is kind to the family budget

Course that is kind to the family budget is fulfilling!
Furthermore, use of monthly basis charges of smartphone are advantageous by au Smartvalue application if it is use with au smartphone...

[POINT] It includes provider charges, cable modem rental!

  • Only as for the Internet, it is 2G course monthly basis 3,600 yen
  • Channel (45ch) monthly basis 6,600 yen specialized in Internet + TV 2G course +
Charge of au smartphone is advantageous with service and set of star cat! The au Smartvalue details

It is usable immediately

If it is star cat-adaptive apartment complex, setting construction is possible on the shortest same day!
Wireless LAN router presents new participation, too. Comfortable Internet life can start right after moving.

  • The shortest same day construction
  • We present ... wireless LAN router toward the new participation
We check whether entering article is star cat-adaptive apartment complex!

※It is limited to apartment complex where facilities of star cat are introduced into. In addition, we may have time depending on facilities situation, application for building contents. ※As for the wireless LAN router present, new member states become exclusively. ※As for the application, Internet apparatus has wireless LAN router built-in in 2G course /300M course.

> new construction door-built, moving is this

Substantial reliable support

You do not need to understand the way of setting! Setting of PC, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), TV supports free, too. It is available in peace from the day when we constructed.

Free support / basics construction cost / PC setting / wireless LAN setting / TV setting


[about Internet service]

  • It is service of best effort type and does not guarantee transmission rate. Transmission speed may decrease by the network situation to share line in plural members.
  • Provider charges, ONU (optical line termination device) or cable modem rental is included in use of monthly basis charges.
  • Seeing and hearing charges of TV license fee, satellite broadcasting license fee, WOWOW Inc. of NHK are not included in charge when they bundled with TV.
  • 3,000 yen (tax-excluded) is caused as cancellation of a contract fee at the time of the cancellation of a contract separately.
  • On service menu change in Internet service, we charge 500 yen (tax-excluded) as change fee.

[about wireless LAN router present]

  • One that had 120M course, 30M course join wireless LAN router present newly becomes exclusively.
  • As for the application, Internet apparatus has wireless LAN router built-in in 2G course, 300M course.

[about basic construction cost for free & free of charge setting support]

  • When we apply construction cost for free, there is the minimum period of use. In the case of the cancellation of a contract in the minimum period of use, we request cancelation cost every each construction.
  • Construction cost becoming free becomes only set top box, cable modem, EMTA installation construction cost (for for each one). Depending on application contents, construction contents, construction cost may be necessary separately. For more details, please refer to star cat.
  • It is said that PC connection setting, wireless LAN setting is to five. When it becomes more than five, please consult to star cat beforehand.


  • Mention amount of money is all the price exclusive of tax unless there is mention in particular. Consumption tax is added at the time of request separately.
Simple application