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Star cat members service

To customer who had been using star cat for many years, we prepared for special members service depending on the use number of years and contract content.
We can have you receive various support privileges and limited campaign.

Present information

Present of December, 2018, January, 2019 "is use of Yabaton pork from Minamikyushu! Loin cutlet two pieces set to 70 people!

About members application condition

Goldstar members
Customer who has you continue either service after participation and join "TV service " "Internet service" "cable positive call" all of star cats more than 15 years.
(more than either 15 years of triple participation)
Silver star members
Customer who has you continue service of either after one or two participation in "TV service " of star cat "Internet service" "cable positive call" more and join more than 15 years.
(more than either 15 years)

※"TV service" points at set top box setting service.

About issuance of star member's card

I send member's card to customer that application condition was met.
Issuance of member's card goes regularly, but may have time before delivery after meeting application condition.

If member's card arrives, I would like entry to "customer ID column" which there is on the back of the card.
※Customer ID is listed in address side of DM sending.

About e-mail magazine

Under e-mail magazine delivery for exclusive use of star cat members!

We send present and event of star cat members-limited, campaign information quickly! Please register!

It is targeted for delivery
Customer of Goldstar members, silver star members
Delivery frequency
Around once in two months
  • Please note that customer that qualification was lost by customer who does not have qualification of star cat members, the service cancellation of a contract becomes out of delivery object.