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milplus (plus to see) VOD service

milplus (plus to see) is picture delivery service that is watched anytime when you like both new item and topic product for 24 hours.
Because we deliver to TV PC smartphone tablet through Internet line, we can enjoy anywhere.

  • On TV
    We install plus-response set top box to look at (※ 1).
  • With PC
    We access exclusive site "milplus.jp" (※ 2).
  • With smartphone tablet
    It is accessed by application (※ 3) for exclusive use of exclusive site "milplus.jp" or plus to see.
  • 1. We are attached to setting, and construction may be necessary.
  • 2. Installation of silverlight5 is necessary.
  • 3. In Android, iOS, please download application from App Store from Play store.
  • Look at the following site for more information about use environment.
  • "It is when for 24 hours," but there is no rental average like rental video cassette shop.
  • It is repeated again and again "again and again" during seeing and hearing period if inner and is watched.
  • Because "return is not necessary", and there is not return lapse of memory, we do not have to worry about arrearage.


Use of basic monthly basis charges0 yen (tax-excluded)

One piece of article rental

The one piece of article purchaseWe can purchase work to want to see including drama animation entertainment sports by one episode.Rates are different every each content.
Plural story setsIt is pack product of plural stories and all stories. It is advantageous and can enjoy than you purchase one piece of article.Rates are different every each pack.

Pack (in participation month, free) free seeing

Pack prime free seeingIt is advantageous pack that approximately 10,000 become free to watch (※).Monthly basis 933 yen / month (tax-excluded)
Genre packIt is pack which is recommended to person who wants to enjoy only favorite genre work a lot.Rates are different every each genre pack.
  • Please contact star cat for application, the cancellation of a contract of pack prime free seeing.


Passing over programWe deliver a part of the channel lineup of specialty channel course.Only participation is free in target specialty channel course
Free programWe deliver hobby, culture program, Episode 1 of series work free.Free of charge
  • It is necessary for the use of this service to use TV service of star cat and Internet service.
  • Application is necessary for the use of this service separately.
  • When you use this service with TV you have, installation construction of corresponding set top box is necessary. In that case, please bear setting construction cost 5,000 yen (tax-excluded). In addition, the basic monthly fee 200 yen / moon (tax-excluded) of set top box is necessary.
  • Please prepare communication environment, communication costs in terminal which is not connected to Internet line of star cat with burden on customer.
  • Pack free seeing has the 2-month minimum period of use including participation month. In the case of sooner determination, you are expected to pay charge (you include consumption tax) for one month. In addition, it becomes automatic continuation without proposal of the cancellation of a contract.
  • Mention amount of money is all the price exclusive of tax. Consumption tax is added at the time of request separately.

Application, inquiry about milplus (plus to see)

Free call 0120-181-374

From 9:00 to 18:00 except Sundays and holidays

Inquiry, application is this Inquiry, application is this