Both electricity and gas are advantageous with cable service and set!
Advantageous rate simulation for 2 years
It is advantageous for up to 7,980 yen in electric rate menu two years!
It is advantageous for approximately 14,700 yen in rate menu two years of gas!
What is kateenepointo?
What you can apply for gives this service!

※About customer of 1 kateene non-registration, we register kateene representation on this application in Chubu Electric Power. In addition, up to 1,980P (1P = 1 yen equivalency) can collect kateenepointo in two years when customer of contract has you enroll in kateene by electricity of Chubu Electric Power. (in kateene enrollment point 100P, change 200P to the WEB use details, check 50P/ month of the use situation in monthly kateene, we include the check 5P X 4/ moon of monthly column) ※In 2 TOHO GAS "supply articles" (general rate) annual gas consumption in the case of 372m³ (monthly consumption 31m³). [calculation condition] ○Annual gas consumption 372m³ is average consumption per one customer of home of TOHO GAS. ○Gas rate of TOHO GAS and Chubu Electric Power adds all the amount of raw materials costs adjustment in February, 2017. ○Real advantageous sum fluctuates by the amount of raw materials costs adjustment at time of the use situation of gas and contract. ○As for electricity, the gas set discount, electric supply and demand contract with Chubu Electric Power had contract (point plan, advantageous plan, Tokutoku Plan) based on basic contract summary which Chubu Electric Power appoints in the case of contract (sub-quantity light B C) based on electric supply article separately change and applies. ○Consumption taxes are considerably amounts of money including sum. ※kateenepointo increases up to 1,200P (50P/ month) in quantity in two years when we have customer of contract has you enroll in kateene with 3 gas and check the use situation of electricity, gas after the change to the WEB use details every month in kateene. In addition, kateenepointo is not available for the appropriation of gas rate.

Electric menu is this!
Menu of gas is this!