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Company information

Program standard

Star cat cable network
Establishment January 10, 1989
Revision March 3, 2015

The above sentence

Star cat cable network promotes the healthy development spread of cable TV taking into consideration the social mission of cable TV and we have and are useful for increase of the public welfare, prosperity of improvement, industry and economy of culture and do that we contribute to peaceful social realization with mission.
According to democratic mind, star cat cable network respects fundamental human rights and public opinion and, based on this awareness, follow speech and freedom of expression, and they answer trust of community in deference to law and order.

In broadcast, we focus on the next point and note in harmony and broadcast time of program phase each other and we show regionality, the immediate nature, universality, characteristic of cable TV broadcast including variety and work for enhancement of contents.

  • 1. Offer of area information to be useful for life
  • 2. The correct, quick news
  • 3. Healthy entertainment
  • 4. Progress of education, culture
  • 5. Influence to give child and the young people
  • 6. Advertisement to be moderate, and to introduce the truth into

The next standard applies to "voluntary broadcast" to broadcast in cable TV network ("voluntary broadcast" means community antenna television broadcast except "simultaneous rebroadcast"). (note 1)

One chapter human rights

  • 1. We protect human rights and respect personality.
  • 2. Hurt honor of individual and group; do not handle.
  • 3. We do not discriminate against the handling by race, sex, occupation.
  • 4. It does not deal with human traffic and prostitution, prostitution affirmatively.
  • 5. Is careful about privacy policies enough, and invade privacy; do not handle.

The two chapters method and politics

  • 1. In deference to laws and ordinances, approve behavior to disturb the execution; do not handle.
  • 2. Hurt authority of engine of country and country; do not handle.
  • 3. Problem disturbing international goodwill is careful about the handling.
  • 4. The handling, contentious problem are careful not to disturb the trial about problem that engine of country examines carefully.
  • 5. When it deals with thing about race, race, the nation, we respect the feelings.
  • 6. We keep fair viewpoint about politics and are careful not to deviate to alliance school.
  • 7. We do not handle thing suspected of election preelection campaigning.
  • 8. Opinion about politics, pocketbook issue has to clarify who is responsible.
  • 9. It deals with problem that might give confusion to politics, economy carefully.

Consideration to three chapters child and the young people

"Child" refers to young child, infant (generally younger than 12 years old) that the personality formation is unripe.

  • 1. We contribute to child and the young personality formation and consider to let you respect healthy mind such as good custom, sense of responsibility.
  • 2. Program for children avoids words and expression spoiling character of child based on healthy conventional wisdom and considers to stimulate feeling of child excessively, and not to injure.
  • 3. When you express military power and violence, you must consider influence on young people.
  • 4. Affirm underage smoking, drinking; do not handle.
  • 5. Depending on broadcast time, we consider child and the young seeing and hearing enough.
  • 6. When it deals with hypnotism, spiritualism, we note in particular not to let child and the young people do easy imitation.
  • 7. When we let child appear, we do not let you do that you do not deserve to be child. In child participation program with reward in particular or product, you must not let you cause speculative spirit excessively.

Four chapters home and society

  • 1. In deference to family life, it does not deal with thought disturbing this affirmatively.
  • 2. It does not deal with behavior disturbing social order, custom affirmatively and respects public morals.

Five chapters education, culture

  • 1. Education program broadcasts knowledge or document which are helpful as member of society regardless of product for society for schools systematically.
  • 2. Education program for schools keeps audiovisual characteristic alive to hear opinion widely in cooperation with school and acts to give educational effect.
  • 3. Education program for society allows audience to learn specialized matter including study, art, technique, art, occupation with fascination.
  • 4. Seeing and hearing object can know plan and contents of education program by suitable method according to the education-related law beforehand.
  • 5. Audience deepens knowledge of life without being seized with form and expression and acts as culture program to be useful to feed peaceful common sense and rich sentiment.

The six chapters news

  • 1. News is reported based on fact and violates personal freedom and prevents you from hurting honor.
  • 2. In coverage, editing, we are careful to be partial one-sidedly, and not to give audience misunderstanding.
  • 3. When it deals with opinion in news, we clarify the source.
  • 4. Even if it is the news of fact, you must avoid careful expression of inappropriate scene.
  • 5. News, news commentary and relay from the spot are careful not to be used for unfair purpose and advertising.

Seven chapters religion

  • 1. In deference to viewpoint of freedom of religion and each denomination, slander, behavior to slander do not handle another religion, other groups.
  • 2. When we use the form again when it deals with ceremony of religion, we note not to hurt dignity.
  • 3. When we take up religion, in defiance of objective fact, we note so that contents denying science do not have.
  • 4. It does not deal with offers of contribution for specific religion.

Consideration in eight chapters expression

  • 1. Broadcast content prevents you from giving unpleasant feeling in consideration of life state of audience depending on the broadcast time.
  • 2. We try to use appropriate words and letter clearly.
  • 3. When we use dialect, we note not to give people using the dialect every day unpleasant feeling.
  • 4. We handle thing of contents which might give unrest and uneasiness in the hearts of the people carefully.
  • 5. About thing that opinion is opposed by problem of society, the community, you must discuss from angles as much as possible.
  • 6. About thing which might have a serious influence by problems in economy generally, we are careful about the handling.
  • 7. We avoid vulgarity giving unpleasant feeling, indecent expression.
  • 8. Even if double suicide, suicide is classic or work of art, we are cautious by the handling.
  • 9. In time and overseas coverage to take up foreign work, you must consider difference in times, conditions of a country, tradition, custom.
  • 10. When you use news forms for drama, you must not do expression that is easy to be confused with fact.
  • 11. We do not handle thing similar to communication, notice to call for in specific object and this. But it is excluded when there are others, social influence when we are concerned with human life.
  • 12. Superstition does not deal affirmatively.
  • 13. Thing which is similar to fortune-telling, fortune judgment and this concludes, and let believe forcibly; do not handle.
  • 14. When it is morbid and is cruel and expresses scenes such as misery, abuse, it prevents you from giving audience loathsomeness.
  • 15. When you mention mental physical obstacle, you must consider feelings of people troubled with the same obstacle.
  • 16. About knowledge of medical care and medicine and healthy information, we note not to give uneasiness, irritation, fear, optimism in vain.
  • 17. Shopping program obeys laws and ordinances concerned and performs indication based on fact easily and clearly and must not spoil benefit of audience.
  • 18. About picture flashing on and off finely or picture technique to suddenly change, attached sheet considers influence on body of audience according to "about picture technique such as animations" enough.
  • 19. So-called subliminal mark expression technique inhibits normal judgement of audience about advertisement using special picture editing technique and must confirm that it does not adversely affect mind and body.
  • 20. About broadcast music, it refrains to use thing to affect which is not desirable for against public order and morals or home particularly child, the young people in broadcast.

Nine chapters violence expression

  • 1. It deals with violence regardless of the purpose negatively.
  • 2. We minimize expression of violence.
  • 3. We do not express act, others, mental physical pain to give cruel feelings such as murder, torture, assault, lynch exaggeratedly or stimulatively.

Ten chapters crime expression

  • 1. You affirm crime and must not treat criminal like hero.
  • 2. When we express trick of crime, we note not to let you cause feeling of imitation.
  • 3. You moderate scene using drug or stimulant and must not handle attractively.
  • 4. Use of gun, swords is cautious and notes not to give motive of imitation about means of casualties.
  • 5. When it deals with yu worth, you must not express the trick in detail.
  • 6. When we handle method of arrest and questioning of suspect accused of crime and procedure of suit or scene of court, we note to express definitely.

11 chapters sex expression

  • 1. Matter about the nature notes not to let audience have feeling of perplexity, hatred.
  • 2. It must deal with matter about sexually transmitted disease and menstruation hygiene based on right knowledge in hygienics in medicine.
  • 3. Let alone general work, even work of art notes not to give extremely sensual stimulation.
  • 4. When we express sex crime and abnormal sexuality, paraphilia, it must not be stimulating excessively.
  • 5. When we deliver sexual minority, we consider the human rights enough.
  • 6. As a general rule, we do not handle complete nudity. When we express a physical part, we note not to give feeling of vulgarity, obscenity.
  • 7. We note not to give indecent feeling by words, movement, posture, clothes of performer.
  • 8. About channel for adults, we take measures not to show to minor by methods such as parental lock.

The handling of participation and prize, premium of 12 chapters audience

  • 1. We try to give audience opportunity of participation equally widely.
  • 2. In audience participation program with reward or prize, we avoid participation of person who might be misunderstood when it is the broadcaster concerned.
  • 3. Examination expects fairness depending on skills of performer.
  • 4. It prevents you from whetting speculative spirit excessively and leaves the prize money and prize within the social common sense.
  • 5. In plan and direction, behavior of emcee, you are rude for performer and audience and must not give unpleasant feeling.
  • 6. When it deals with personal problem of performer, you must not invade privacy of the person and the person concerned.
  • 7. By prize offer, we clarify selection method, contents of prize, announcement method of result, date in condition, final day of application. But we can omit a part in medium except broadcast when it is clear.
  • 8. And when you donate premiums, you express the value exaggeratedly or must not express falsehood.
  • 9. You must not use personal information of audience who donated application or prize to prize other than the purpose concerned, and severe management is demanded.

Responsibility of 13 chapters advertisement

  • 1. Advertisement conveys the truth and must be thing which brings audience profit.
  • 2. Advertisement must not be against laws and ordinances concerned.
  • 3. Advertisement must not hurt its healthy social life and good custom.

The handling of 14 chapters advertisement

  • 1. Commercial must make an announcement on being commercial by commercial.
  • 2. Contents of commercial assume name, product, brand name, trademark, motto of advertiser, company form, company contents (including service, sales network, facility).
  • 3. Advertisement prevents you from arousing speculative spirit and customer interest of child excessively.
  • 4. Advertisement of education program for schools prevents it from disturbing school education.
  • 5. Advertiser is not clear, and who is responsible does not handle not clear thing.
  • 6. About program and offer of spot, we do not accept the monopolistic use against fair free competition.
  • 7. The actual situation of right relations and business does not handle uncertain thing.
  • 8. It does not deal with advertisement of advertiser except contract.
  • 9. We do not handle thing letting we exaggerate fact, and audience overestimate.
  • 10. Even if advertisement is fact, you slander others or expel and must not slander.
  • 11. We do not handle thing which is not real opinion of false testimony about product or service and person whom we used, thing which is not apparent of witness.
  • 12. It does not deal with kind of one-sided claim about contentious problem or communication, notice.
  • 13. We do not handle thing recognized as code.
  • 14. We do not deal with advertisement of advertiser without permission, the authorization in type of industry to need permission, the authorization.
  • 15. We do not handle thing with falsehood and exaggeration in thing which might lose health and the contents.
  • 16. We do not handle thing which can cause falsehood and exaggeration about entrance into a school of higher grade, employment, qualification by advertisement of educational facility or education-related business.
  • 17. We do not handle thing which affirms fortune-telling, spiritualism, judgment and others, superstition of conformation of the skeleton, lines in palm, the looks, and denies science.
  • 18. We do not handle thing which assumes investigation into personal secret matter the work.
  • 19. It does not deal with unfavorable product and service and advertisement about sex tool in public morals.
  • 20. Thing which is inappropriate as thing to use behind closed doors and domestic topic warns to handle.
  • 21. The death, thing about funeral service and dismal trade are careful about the handling.
  • 22. When we use group and player of amateur sports for advertisement, we contact affiliate and handle carefully.
  • 23. The main constituent is clear, and purpose meets the public welfare, and the handling of subscription for donations must be thing which got permission when it is necessary.
  • 24. It does not deal with advertisement aimed for personal self-advertisement.
  • 25. It does not deal with advertisement that used photograph, crest of the Imperial Family and other Imperial Family-related things without permission.
  • 26. If contents of job offer company and duties that you should engage in are not clear things, it does not deal with advertisement about job offer.
  • 27. When we use expression to give audience discomfort and uneasy feelings, we do not handle advertisement that regionality or custom are included in depending on broadcast local characteristic.
  • 28. It does not deal with advertisement that might disturb local industry and sale act.
  • 29. If it is not thing showing use purpose concretely, about advertisement that it is purpose to acquire personal information by prizes, we do not handle.
  • 30. When the broadcasting station side acquires personal information by offer of advertiser, "administrator of personal information" must acquire specified personal information delivery confirmation "method of third party offer" "person agreement of third party offer" "acquisition process of personal information" than advertiser.
  • 31. When you include case and important information to deliver mass personal information to advertiser from the broadcasting station side, you must conclude secret maintenance, safety management, authorized contract including responsibility matter when delivery is constant and is long-term.
  • 32. As a general rule, special insertion methods such as hitchhikes shall depend on plan of broadcasting station. (note 2)

Expression of 15 chapters advertisement

  • 1. Advertisement notes in consideration of the broadcast time not to give unpleasant feeling.
  • 2. Advertisement uses plain appropriate words and letter.
  • 3. You must not do expression letting audience cause mistake.
  • 4. We avoid expression to give unpleasant feelings to audience.
  • 5. As a general rule, you must not do the highest possible expression or to be similar to this.
  • 6. You must not deny fact reported in news.
  • 7. You must not do expression that is easy to be confused with news. It prevents in particular you from being confused commercial of news program with fare.
  • 8. You quote statistics, specialty technical term, documents and must not do expression that might let you think that it is scientific than fact.

Advertisements such as 16 chapters medical care, pharmaceutical products, cosmetics

  • 1. We do not handle thing which might touch the Medical Practitioners Act, medical law, Pharmaceutical Affairs Law by advertisements such as medical care, pharmaceutical products, unregulated drug, instrumentarium, cosmetics, so-called health food.
  • 2. We handle carefully about recruitment of investigational subjects CM.
  • 3. Advertisement about medical profession must not be beyond range of matter determined by medical law.
  • 4. About effect effects such as pharmaceutical products, cosmetics and safety, you must not do the highest possible expression or to be similar to this.
  • 5. Expression about effect effects such as pharmaceutical products, cosmetics must not be beyond approved range by law.
  • 6. In advertisement of medical care, pharmaceutical products, you must not do expression that might give feeling of uneasiness, fear, optimism remarkably.
  • 7. It does not deal with advertisement that doctor, pharmacist, beautician recommend pharmaceutical products, unregulated drug, instrumentarium, cosmetics to.
  • 8. As a general rule, it does not deal with advertisement to provide pharmaceutical products as prize of prize.
  • 9. By advertisement of so-called health food, you must not express pharmaceutic effect, effect.

Advertisement of 17 chapters finance, real estate

  • 1. By advertisement of the finance business, the actual situation, service contents of supplier do not handle thing against benefit of audience.
  • 2. Commercial of consumer finance must not be expression to promote easy borrowing. Particularly, you must consider influence on young people enough.
  • 3. For an indefinite and large number of people, we promise moneymaking or do not deal with advertisement for investment in allusion to this.
  • 4. Advertisement of product, service with speculation characteristics needs careful judgment.
  • 5. By the residential land building business business method, the construction industry method, it does not deal with advertisement except registered supplier.
  • 6. Advertisement of real estate must not use expression to fan speculation and exaggerated or false expression.
  • 7. It does not deal with advertisements such as real estate which cannot confirm thing which violated laws and ordinances or right relations.

18 chapters correction

  • 1. When it was revealed that broadcast differs from fact, we cancel immediately or correct.
(note 1) Broadcast Act enforcement regulations extract
Article 2 Clause 5
"Community antenna television broadcast" means cable broadcasting public broadcast by television broadcast.
Article 2 Clause 7
With "simultaneous rebroadcast," we receive television broadcast of broadcast company and say community antenna television broadcast broadcasting again at the same time without making change to broadcast of all.
Article 143 Clause 2
[almost] Voluntary broadcast (we say community antenna television broadcast except rebroadcast at the same time. It has the same as follows.) [almost]
(note 2) special insertion methods such as hitchhikes,......
Special insertion method includes cow catcher (commercial inserted before Cow-Catcher, start of program), hitch hike (commercial inserted after Hitch-Hike, program).

The above

About picture technique such as attached sheet animations

April 8, 1998 making
April 1, 2006 some revision
The Japanese Broadcasting Corporation
Japan Commercial Broadcast Federation

In the Japanese Broadcasting Corporation [NHK] and the Japan Commercial Broadcast Federation [commercial broadcasting ream], special picture technique such as animation programs experienced heavy situation that audience, it had an influence on health of many children in 1997.

We originally repeated examination for the making of concrete rule for prevention of recurrence while we were concerned about broadcast which should have children enjoy having invited opposite result in a part deeply and arrested this as problem of the whole broadcast world, and we added experts such as medical scientist or psychologist, and it was sincere, and analysis studied cause.
As a result, TV originally confirmed that we could evade to a large extent such a danger by noting some points about picture which flashed on and off finely although we could not completely remove influence on audience particularly children and picture technique to suddenly change because it was the media which flickered.
Therefore, we arouse that it is necessary for prudence to pay attention to the next point.

  • 1. Blinking of picture and light particularly blinking of "bright red"
  • 2. Inversion of strong screen of contrast and sudden cutaway
  • 3. Use of regular pattern design

We took such recognition and promoted that each broadcasting station established internal regulations in operation voluntarily and showed common guidelines as broadcast world to the reference in April, 1998 to offer.
Furthermore, in ITU [the International Telecommunications Union] in February, 2005 ITU-R advice BT.1702"Guidance for the reduction of photosensitive epileptic seizures caused by television (guideline to suppress photosensory attack with television) Because "was established, we decided to revise part of guidelines in reference to the advice.
All people engaged in broadcast consider enough intention that guidelines to show below were settled for, and they must observe as voluntary common rule of broadcast world.

These guidelines revise by results of future analysis, study as needed.

(guidelines about picture technique on animations)

  • 1. As a general rule, blinking of picture and light avoids use more than three times for one second and notes the next point.
    • (1)We handle blinking of "bright red" particularly carefully.
    • (2) Area that blinking happens at the same time is beyond 1/4 of screen on judging blinking picture which you should avoid and brightness change is based on more than 10% of cases.
    • (3) When we surpass standard that we showed in (2) after having met condition of foregoing paragraph (1), blinking does five times with limit for one second and controls brightness change in less than 20%. In addition, we do not perform use more than two seconds in succession.
  • 2. As a general rule, inversion of strong screen of contrast and brightness change of screen do not use sudden cutaway more than 20% more than three times for one second.
  • 3. Regular pattern design (including striped pattern, eddy design, concentric design) avoids occupying most of the screens.

In operation of the guidelines mentioned above, consideration to the seeing and hearing actual situation of infant, child, the young people said to that particularly photosensory risk is big is necessary.
In addition, about pictures such as consecutive mass camera flashes and lightning, fires, volcanic eruptions having an influence on health, it is necessary to act in raising awareness on the producer side.

What seeing and hearing method of TV plays an important role in is pointed out to minimize influence that picture gives to audience, and it is effective as precautionary measure we see apart from television set in bright room, and to contribute appropriate information about viewpoint "of" TV to audience.

The above