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Friend introduction present increase campaign [campaign period: until Saturday, March 31, 2018] Friend introduction present increase campaign [campaign period: until Saturday, March 31, 2018]

Friend is new by introduction from customer (introducer) of the use in star cat and pays cash cashback to both introducer and friend when it is contracted with by service of star cat!
※About amount of money of cashback, it is determined by menu which was contracted of friend.


  • Introducer becomes only customer (star cat user) who uses star cat.
  • It is for one where friend can join cable TV (except facility use service, terrestrial digital, BS service, light facility use service), the Internet, cable positive call newly.
  • We cannot use together with other campaigns.
  • After agreement of friend, please introduce. About trouble of personal interval about introduction act, please note that we do not take all responsibility.
  • When service participation construction targeted for star cat of friend is completed, it becomes application of this present campaign.
  • Cashback to introducer does transfer in designated account by yoku々tsukimatsu after service participation construction completion targeted for star cat of friend.
  • Cashback to friend does transfer in account of designation by yoku々tsukimatsu after star cat confirms payment of the first charge of friend.
  • Entry to attached sheet (cashback campaign confirmation) is necessary to have you appoint transfer account.
  • When service is canceled or when introducer, either of friend are changed plan of before transfer of this present campaign by target service, it becomes invalid.
  • This present campaign is not intended for introduction in the same household, introduction after friend participation.
  • When friend has been already contracted when we were introduced or when we have been applied, this present campaign becomes not intended.
  • In the case of introduction by introducer, this present campaign becomes not intended. In addition, in the case of the same address, the same phone number, introducer and friend are excluded.
  • When we are introduced from plural introducers, we aim only at the first introduction for this present campaign and are inapplicable about subsequent introduction.
  • Reintroduction of person receiving introduction is out of this present campaign in any reason once.
  • When contents have falsehood in the case of introduction, this present campaign becomes not intended.
  • Introduction except the application method mentioned above, introduction via agency are out of this present campaign.
  • When we cannot give service by area or the facilities situation, we are excluded.
  • Special price service of person of DAGA introduction article where star cat makes a collective contract with owner directly is out of this present campaign.
  • We exchange right or wrong of this present campaign application by transfer to designation account. Please note that you cannot do report when you were not able to join friend.
  • We do not provide to third party without consent of customer unless we use all personal information that customer gave to for participation procedure of friend, transfer to designation account and provide as far as it is necessary for business consignment ahead.

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