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BS10 star channel seeing and hearing campaign


Campaign summary

Application period
Until Thursday, January 31, 2019
Customer who had you apply for [until Thursday, January 31, 2019], "star channel" newly during application period, and watched by Thursday, January 31, 2019, and was started
You can watch star channel for first moon for free +5 or monthly basis 980 yen (tax-included 1,058 yen) a month. (together with none of STB)
Furthermore, we usually present paid "star channel general program guide" for three months.
  • This campaign is subject to the use of "seeing and hearing start moon (free) +2 or monthly" as the minimum period of use. When you are terminated earlier within the minimum period of use, please pay total charge 1,960 yen (tax-excluded).
  • After discount application period, it becomes automatic continuation for monthly basis 2,300 yen (tax-excluded) without proposal of the cancellation of a contract.
  • When you wish to cancel, please connect with the last moon to star cat during discount application period. In addition, we cannot accept cancellation of a contract prior acceptance at the time of application.
  • "Star channel general program guide" becomes delivery for three months from issue of the participation next month.
  • When star channel is canceled after November, 2018, it becomes out of application object of campaign.
  • Only once per person is targeted for campaign during period.

To have you watch star channel...

Monthly basis seeing and hearing charges
2,300 yen (tax-excluded) / stand

Apply from the following forms.

Inquiry about this campaign

Star cat cable network

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From 9:00 to 18:00 except Sundays and holidays