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[from Thursday, February 15 to Wednesday, February 28] Procedure is not necessary ☆Specialized channel trial seeing and hearing campaign [from Thursday, February 15 to Wednesday, February 28] Procedure is not necessary ☆Specialized channel trial seeing and hearing campaign

As for drama and the animation as for the music......
Channel size liberation for a limited time!
Monthly basis rate of participation course is the same now and, during campaign period, can enjoy all channels of max!

  • Optional channel is excluded.
  • Customer of corporation contract is excluded.

Recommended program of February

[character] Korean drama "it is handsome man <good-looking guy>" [Deluxe Edition]

©SBS Contents Hub

Costarring of Chan gunsoku X paku Sine X John Yong F (CNBLUE) X i hongi (FTIsland) dream! Younger sister is joining a group of extreme popularity good-looking guy band in place of twin older brothers? kyun death ★Romantic comedy D that is just before!

It is pretty, and paku Sine of main character expresses throb feeling of girl surrounded by good-looking guys while being dressed like a man with work now. Chan gunsoku where it has high popularity in Japan to waver in a romantic relationship with her. We are in charge of guitar vocal in band of drama and fully show singing talent with reputation. It is John Yong F of CNBLUE to be concerned with gunsoku and relations of Sine deeply. It is the first drama appearance, but performance and gentle look not to let you feel it can become more attractive for sadness and painfulness of love still more. Vocal of FTIsland, i hongi return drama after a long absence, too. We are in charge of drum in drama and show lovely smile and performance.

Broadcast channel: NTV plus drama animation, music live (618ch)
The broadcast date and time: Monday, February 26, 2018 start every Monday, Tuesday from 11:40 to 14:00 (two episodes serialization)

February mew! Month of cat

Credit: Discovery Communications

Season of puss which came over this year!

It is one action Ohanare person by program of charm heaping up of cat from cute puss which is healed just to see to large size cat family animal living in the world of the survival of the fittest.
New item comes up one after another this year, too!
Adhere to dog and cat which would live together; "bowl mew happy living together life." "Puss science" to approach in secret of life of cat in the latest science. Representing the world of unknown animal talent "aim! Bowl mew star.
We tell about all of cats from various viewpoints!

Broadcast channel: Animal planet (604ch)
The broadcast date and time: From Thursday, February 1, 2018 to 28th Wednesday 14:00 ...

10 million in hand of anyone? Asia's Got Talent

© It is Asia Pte. 2017 SPE Networks Ltd. All Rights Reserved. | AXN is a trademark of AXN Network, Inc. "Asia's Got Talent" is a trademark of FremantleMedia Ltd. And Simco Ltd."

We hold audition in Asian 6 city! AXN produces audition show of world's largest scale that 10,000 cases applied for from 15 countries. Monopoly in Japan! The first broadcast!

Broadcast channel: AXN HD foreign countries drama (268ch)
The broadcast date and time: Sunday, February 4, 2018 20:00 start every Sunday 20:00 ... (all ten episodes) for season 2 HD subtitles

Please confirm program information to be able to watch during campaign period in monthly star cat and EPG (electronic TV program), Cable Gate (Internet TV program).

Campaign summary

Conduct period
From Thursday, February 15, 2018 to Wednesday, February 28
Contractor having you join drama sports, regular, light, mini, ace.
  • Max course, customer of corporation contract are out of this campaign.
  • Optional channel is excluded.
  • When we test in customers of mini-course and cannot watch, the staff visits, and adjustment of set top box is necessary.
  • When you try by unexpected reason including malfunction of facilities, apparatus and cannot watch, please forgive.

To have you enjoy the trial seeing and hearing...

Operation method of remote control

  • In the case of reserving for recording error message (do not, e.g., come by reservation. After keeping channel intact, and having had to wait for approximately one minute when) which is not contracted is displayed, please set this program again.
  • We cannot record non-contract program after Thursday, March 1.

When we have you watch after campaign sequentially

Please do application for plan change from the following forms.

Inquiry about this campaign

Star cat cable network

Free call 0120-181-374

From 9:00 to 18:00 except Sundays and holidays