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We are accepting new model appearance "cable plus STB" favorable reception to set top box!

In cooperation with "cable plus STB" smartphone and tablet, the Internet TV more usefully!

In cooperation with "cable plus STB" smartphone and tablet, the Internet TV more usefully!

  • Point 1. By sound search as for the search for contents easily!
  • Point 2. TV picks up your preference!
  • Point 3. We can take telerecording quickly!
  • Point 4. We reserve for recording in whereabouts, and the program seeing and hearing is possible!

Point 1. Sound search

We only talk to remote control, and contents to want to see are found immediately!

Besides, terrestrial digital, BS, CS specialty channel, program which we recorded search video contents such as YouTube™ in the Internet in a mass if about to talk about talent and program, genre to like to remote control. We push button of microphone in remote control and only talk, and complicated operation is not necessary!

Point 2. rekomendo function

TV tells your "we want to see"!

Program which is recommended to you is automatically chosen by seeing and hearing history and recording history! From terrestrial digital to CS specialty channel, he/she tells your favorite program on telescreen!

Point 3. High-speed dubbing

When we do not have the time, we can take telerecording quickly!

Program which we recorded is dubbed quickly by smartphone and tablet (※ 1). Program of 60 minutes is completed for 90 seconds (※ 2). We dub before commuting and we watch in train and can effectively utilize pockets of time.

Point 4. The remote seeing and hearing (※ 3), recording reservation

We can enjoy TV in outing! Furthermore, there is reserving for recording. (※ 1)

We can enjoy program with smartphone and tablet even if not before TV. We watch during commuting, and there is being enough to see drama slowly while taking a bath! In addition, reserving for recording is possible in whereabouts. We record and are not forgetting if we make a reservation that we thought that we want to see on the spot either!

  • Program which we recorded on external hard disk can reproduce only in cable plus STB which we recorded. When we change apparatus, we cannot watch program which we recorded before exchange.
  • 1: Downloading of application is necessary for support model separately
  • 2: It is dubbing time in carrying out program making finished. Dubbing speed changes by connection state of network and is time when we measured line speed more than 40Mbps for the cause.
  • 3: About the remote seeing and hearing, it is necessary to install "DiXiM Play" (pay) in smartphone and tablet.
  • YouTube is trademark of Google Inc.


Application with set for TV service and Internet service is necessary to use cable plus STB.

  • Customer using STB installs to 500GB by star cat light (door-built plan) as standard equipment.
  • Mention amount of money is all tax-excluded price. Consumption tax is added at the time of request separately.

Inquiry about cable plus STB

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