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Customer of corporation Customer of corporation

Corporation, SOHO, store owner

Communication service for corporations

Is communication environment between bases not troubling?
In star cat, we lend optical fiber entirely.

IT solution

We meet voice of managers called "... which adopts engineer that still it makes a specialty of ... which comes to have difficulty in company management while introduction of IT advances rapidly, and cannot afford to place an order outside.".

Channel corporation contract

When we broadcast communication satellite broadcasting for profit in stores, channel corporation contract is necessary.

Apartment complex owner, management company

All houses lump type contract

We offer service of the TV Internet of apartment lump type for apartment complex.

Facility use contract

We receive various electric waves including terrestrial digital broadcast and BS collectively and transmit in optical fiber and "light hybrid system" using coaxial cable.
Television, various contents including the high-speed Internet are available with one cable.

Electric wave disorder measures

As for electric wave disorder measures of one where building is built, the annoyance of community antenna manager, will leave it to me from now on.

Security camera

We provide security camera system with recording function that is low-priced & high efficiency.

Electricity lump

Use of cable service charges and electricity bill provide service becoming advantageous.