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"Nagoya-shi disaster prevention radio" which we want to comprise in case anything happens "Nagoya-shi disaster prevention radio" which we want to comprise in case anything happens

In star cat, we concluded Nagoya-shi and agreement and started the handling of radio which could hear urgent information about disaster prevention including refuge information by interrupt broadcast from September 1, 2018.
It is automatically switched on even if we do not listen to the radio and can tell about urgent broadcast.

When disaster prevention speaker (report radio) in the outdoors is difficult to hear, we can catch the same information in house!

Disaster prevention speaker (report radio) tells about urgent disaster prevention information such as "the Earthquake Early Warning" or "information about refuge" by siren and sound.
At the time of airtight high the house or heavy rain, broadcast to be made from outdoor speaker may be difficult to hear.
As the measures, Nagoya-shi disaster prevention radio is available.

The radio body

External form size
170mm (width) *58mm (depth) *125mm (height)
560 g (we do not include size AA battery form alkali dry cell)
Power consumption
/ up to 4.5W or less less than wait 2W (we always use electricity to receive urgent broadcast)
Instruction manual /AC adapter / strap

Characteristic of Nagoya-shi disaster prevention radio

  • When radio is cut off or when we hear broadcast except MID-FM, we broadcast urgent information in emergency automatically.
  • When indoor not to hear needs disaster prevention speaker, we can hear urgent information.
  • We can usually hear broadcast of FM or AM as common radio at time.


Sales price
One 15,000 yen (tax-excluded)

※Expense may be necessary separately.

Rental price (monthly basis)
One monthly basis 300 yen ... (tax-excluded)

※Expense may be necessary separately.

※After checking being going to install, and listening to 76.1MHz "MID-FM" at place, please purchase.
※We may not listen depending on the electric wave reception situation at whereabouts or refuge.
※Mention amount of money is all the price exclusive of tax. Consumption tax is added at the time of request separately.

Inquiry about Nagoya-shi disaster prevention radio

Star cat cable network

Free call 0120-181-374

From 9:00 to 18:00 except Sundays and holidays

Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

(1) Sale company
Star cat cable network
1-16-7, Nishiki, Naka-ku, Nagoya-shi NORE Fushimi Building phone number: 052-231-2310
(2) Person in charge of duties about sale
Star cat cable network business headquarters business promotion part Yuichi Hanaoka
(3) Sales price
≪Sales price >> 15,000 yen (tax-excluded) /1 stand  
≪Rental price >> 300 yen ... (tax-excluded) /1 stand
※Please note that model of handling product and sales price may be changed without notice.
(4) Necessary rate except the product price
In the case of shipment, in the case of application, it is the actual expense with postage 1,000 yen (tax-excluded), setting option to consumption tax, designation place
(5) Payment method and payment time of the price
When our service is contracted, it is use charges request of yoku々tsuki from product shipment day.
When our service is not contracted, we assume the next month on product shipment day the counting moon. In addition, withdrawal such as rates follows Terms of Use of the credit card company at the time of this product application concerned.
(6) Delivery time of product
After the settlement of order, it is up to less than ten business days from seven business days.
(7) About order cancellation
When we have notification of order cancellation within eight days after before delivery of product which you ordered or the settlement of order, order becomes cancellation. Please inform of returned goods, exchange by initial defectiveness within one week after arrival of product. Exchange with quality goods supports. In addition, we bear the postage of that case in us.
(8) About returned goods
Please note that it is not accepted returned goods, exchange by customer convenience after progress during order cancellation period.