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Important news

About reduction in price of use of "cable smartphone" monthly basis charges

Thank you for always using star cat.

In star cat, we cut use of monthly basis charges of cell-phone service "cable smartphone" for the use more in February, 2018.

You can use cable smartphone for discount more by cutting the use of monthly basis charges of each plan (plan free taking data plan, sound nature of a voice plan, five minutes) of "cable smartphone" by up to 700 yen.

Use of cable smartphone monthly basis charges (for the February, 2018 use ...)

  Data plan Sound nature of a voice plan
(data + sound)
Plan free taking five minutes
(data + sound +5 share freefone)
1GB700 yen / month1,400 yen / month2,230 yen / month
2GB800 yen / month1,500 yen / month2,330 yen / month
3GB900 yen / month1,600 yen / month2,430 yen / month
4GB1,100 yen / month1,800 yen / month2,630 yen / month
5GB1,300 yen / month2,000 yen / month2,830 yen / month
6GB1,500 yen / month2,200 yen / month3,030 yen / month
7GB1,700 yen / month2,400 yen / month3,230 yen / month
  Data plan
1GB700 yen / month
2GB800 yen / month
3GB900 yen / month
4GB1,100 yen / month
5GB1,300 yen / month
6GB1,500 yen / month
7GB1,700 yen / month
  Sound nature of a voice plan
(data + sound)
1GB1,400 yen / month
2GB1,500 yen / month
3GB1,600 yen / month
4GB1,800 yen / month
5GB2,000 yen / month
6GB2,200 yen / month
7GB2,400 yen / month
  Plan free taking five minutes
(data + sound +5 share freefone)
1GB2,230 yen / month
2GB2,330 yen / month
3GB2,430 yen / month
4GB2,630 yen / month
5GB2,830 yen / month
6GB3,030 yen / month
7GB3,230 yen / month

With this reduction in price, customer who is contracting can use at rate after reduction in price for the use automatically now in February, 2018. In addition, use of monthly basis charges of customer that plural line discount (※) was received do not change.

※Plural line discount provides au Smartvalue to customer of contract and customer having several cable smartphone type A. With use of this monthly basis charges reduction in price, we finish offer.
※Mention amount of money is all tax-excluded price. Consumption tax is added at the time of request separately.

Change time

Close for the February, 2018 use (close for March, 2018 request)

Target service

Cable smartphone type A

Inquiry about this matter

Star cat cable network
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