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Important news

News (from January, 2018 for application) of "universal service charges" revision

Thank you for always using star cat.

In star cat from January 1, 2018 universal service systemWe revise "universal service charges" having contractor of cable positive telephone service and cable smartphone bear to monthly basis 2 yen (tax-included 2.16 yen) from monthly basis 3 yen (tax-included 3.24 yen) per 1 phone number with number unit price revision of this.

We hope that we have understanding of customer and cooperation sequentially.

※Universal service system is structure that the whole phone company bears expense necessary to secure offer of universal service (service that is stable fairly everywhere in the whole country, and is available) such as participation telephones in appropriateness.

Number unit price about universal service system

Before revision (... December, 2017)After the revision (January, 2018 ...)
Monthly basis 3 yen (tax-included 3.24 yen) Monthly basis 2 yen (tax-included 2.16 yen)

With publication from support organization, we may change amount of money per 1 phone number regularly.

Change time

Close for the January, 2018 use (close for February, 2018 request)

Target service

Cable positive telephone service, cable smartphone


About detailed information of universal service system, please see homepage of Telecommunications Carriers Association which is universal service support organization.